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Competitive Landscape Research

Analysing the digital presence and user experience of competitors enables businesses to identify industry trends, and gain insights to improve their own product or service.

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What is competitive landscape research?

Competitive landscape research in the context of user experience (UX) design refers to the comprehensive analysis and exploration of the broader environment in which a product or service operates. It involves examining the market, industry trends, and relevant external factors that can influence the design and performance of a digital product.

Benefits of landscape research

Informed strategy

Landscape research provides the foundation for an informed UX strategy. By comprehensively analysing the market, industry trends, and competitors, businesses gain valuable insights to gain an edge over their competitors. These insights are the building blocks of a strategic roadmap that guides product development and user experience enhancements.

Competitive advantage

Landscape research yields a competitive advantage. Understanding what others in your industry are doing, where they excel, and where they fall short allows you to position your product or service strategically. You can capitalise on market gaps, and create a distinct value proposition that resonates with users.

Risk mitigation

Landscape research serves as a crucial tool for risk mitigation. By identifying potential challenges and pitfalls in the competitive landscape, businesses can proactively address them. It can save businesses needing to redesign their products or retroactively adjust them based on market conditions.

Market positioning

Landscape research is instrumental in effective market positioning. Through an understanding of industry dynamics, you can position your product or service in a way that aligns with market demands and user expectations.

Why us

Navigating your digital landscape

Market trends

We analyse current and emerging trends within your industry in relation to the online experience, including consumer preferences, technology advancements and market dynamics.

Competitor analysis

We examine your competitors’ digital performance and user experience to identify their strengths, weaknesses and unique selling points.

Task analysis

We deconstruct complex workflows systematically, developing a deep understanding of how users are currently solving a problem, ensuring you gather relevant and actionable insights.

Research expertise

We can provide specialised expertise in specific areas of landscape research and analysis that may not be present in your internal team.

Responsive turnaround

Comprehensive landscape research can be time consuming for internal teams. Outsourcing allows you to save time, freeing up your internal resources for other strategic activities.


Our research services are designed to be accessible to businesses of all sizes, offering cost-effective options that make landscape research available to everyone, not just large corporations.

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