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Usability Testing

Users are observed completing specific tasks, and their interactions are analysed to identify usability issues and opportunities for improvement.

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What is usability testing?

Usability testing involves the evaluation of a digital product, such as a website or application, by observing real users as they interact with it. Participants are given specific tasks to perform while researchers closely observe their interactions and gather feedback. While the aim of each usability test can differ, holistically it is used to assess a products ease of use, and the users overall satisfaction.

Benefits of usability testing

Identify usability issues

Usability testing is a critical tool for identifying usability issues within a digital product. By observing real users as they interact with your interface, you can pinpoint areas of frustration, confusion, or inefficiency. These insights allow you to make targeted improvements and create a more intuitive experience.

Validation of design decisions

Usability testing provides validation for design decisions. It’s one thing to craft a user interface based on best practices and theories, but it’s another to see real users interact with it successfully. Usability testing confirms whether your design choices align with user expectations, giving you the confidence that your product is on the right track.

Enhanced user satisfaction

Usability testing enables the creation of tailored user journeys for each user persona. With data-driven insights, you can craft user experiences that are specific to your target audience. These personalised journeys ensure that users can effortlessly navigate your website, find information, or make a purchase.

Data-driven iteration

Usability testing when conducted alongside the design process, offers a powerful avenue for data-driven iteration. Each testing cycle provides insight on what works and what needs improvement. With each iteration, your product becomes more finely tuned to meet user’s needs and preferences.

Why us

Unlocking usability insights


Our usability testing employs research-backed methodologies tailored to your user experience and design goals.

Customised testing

We offer tailored usability tests, whether you need specific functionality tested or comprehensive assessment, we can design a structure to suit.

Data-driven insights

If you’re not ready to test with users, we can help you gain valuable insights by leveraging performance metrics and existing data.

Flexible testing

Users can participate in testing in person or remotely, allowing them to provide feedback in a way that suits their comfort and convenience.

Actionable insights

Beyond data collection, we provide you with a structured list of actionable next steps, ensuring that the insights gathered translate directly into improvements for your project.


Our research services are designed to be accessible to businesses of all sizes, offering cost-effective options that make usability testing available to everyone, not just large corporations.

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