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UX/UI Research Services

User Experience (UX) Surveys

UX surveys and questionnaires can gather meaningful user feedback and insight, allowing you to better understand the preferences and pain points of your target audience.

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What are UX surveys?

User Experience (UX) surveys are structured questionnaires or forms designed to gather feedback from users about their experiences with a product, service or website. They aim to systematically collect data on aspects of usability, satisfaction, and preferences, among others. Their design can range from short, post-interaction feedback forms, to more comprehensive surveys that delve into specific aspects of the user journey.

Benefits of surveys and questionnaires

Quantitative data

UX surveys generate valuable insights through quantitative data. Using structured questionnaires and rating scales, you can gather precise metrics about user satisfaction, elements of usability, and preferences. This data quantifies the user experience, allowing you to identify trends, review performance, measure improvements over-time, and make data-driven decisions.

Efficient and scalable

UX surveys are an efficient and scalable means of collecting user feedback. Unlike user interviews, which can be time-consuming, surveys can reach a large audience simultaneously in a relatively short period of time and are cheaper to run. This scalability and flexibility makes them ideal for both small-scale and large-scale usability tests.

Objective feedback

UX surveys provide objective feedback. Since the questions are standardised, and participants are choosing from a list of predetermined answers, or selecting a rating on a scale, responses can be measured without external influences. It enables an unbiased reflection of user sentiments, enabling you to asses your product or service impartially.

Data-driven decision making

UX surveys empower data-driven decision making. The quantitative data they yield services as a compass, guiding your UX strategy. By analysing trends and patterns, you can pinpoint areas for improvement and prioritise changes based on user feedback. This approach ensures your design choices align with user preferences and expectations.

Why us

Enhancing UX through data-driven surveys


Our user interviews employ research-backed methods tailored to user experience and design, ensuring that the insights gathered are specifically relevant to your project’s needs.

Scale flexibility

Whether you need a small-scale rating survey or a comprehensive study, there are no minimum requirements, making our services adaptable to your project’s needs.

High-level analysis

We employ advanced analytics to identify outliers, confirm reliability and ensure validity of the survey results.

Multi-tool approach

We utilise a variety of industry-specific research tools and resources for data collection and analysis.

Actionable insights

We don’t just collect data, we extract actionable insights that help identify performance and usability issues, providing you with clear recommendations for improvement.


Our survey services are designed to be accessible to all businesses, offering valuable research without the need for a hefty budget.

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