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User Interviews

User interviews provide valuable insight and feedback, ultimately enhancing product development and user experience.

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What are user interviews?

User interviews can be structured or semi-structured interviews between researchers and individuals who represent the target audience of a product of service. They are a qualitative research method aimed at gaining insight into users’ needs, preferences, and behaviours. They are typically conducted in one-on-one or small group settings and use open-ended questions to encourage discussion.

Benefits of user interviews

In-depth insight

User interviews provide an opportunity to delve into the minds of your users. By asking open-ended questions and fostering candid discussions, you can gain in-depth insights into their thoughts, preferences, and pain points. This qualitative approach goes beyond surface-level feedback, allowing you to uncover nuanced aspects of their experiences that quantitative data, like surveys and questionnaires, may miss.

Unbiased opinions

User interviews offer a crucial advantage - unbiased opinions. Unlike internal assessments or assumptions, these conversations provide authentic, unfiltered feedback directly from your users. This objectively helps you see your digital product through their eyes, identify pain points, and discover areas for improvement that might have remained hidden. It ensures your product aligns with users’ expectations and needs.

Iterativ(e) improvement

User interviews are a cornerstone of iterativ(e) design and improvement. By engaging with your audience, you can refine your digital product incrementally. Feedback from one round of interviews informs the next iteration, leading to a product that evolves in harmony with user requirements. Furthermore, user interviews can prevent costly redesigns down the road, saving time and resources, while keeping your product user-focused.

Thematic coding

Thematic coding is the process of systematically analysing qualitative data from user interviews to identify recurring themes or patterns. Categorising responses provides clear, organised and actionable findings that help to pinpoint key areas for improvement.

Why us

Unlocking insights through user interviews


Our user interviews employ research-backed methods tailored to user experience and design, ensuring that the insights gathered are specifically relevant to your project’s needs.

Tailored interviews

Whether it’s one-on-one sessions or group discussions, we create and work to a structured interview format that aligns with your project’s goals.

Flexible engagement

Users can participate in interviews in person or remotely, allowing them to provide feedback in a way that suits their comfort and convenience.

Unbiased & pressure-free

Despite the term “interview”, our approach is empathetic and pressure-free, encouraging participants to share open and honest feedback, free from bias.

Actionable insights

Beyond data collection, we provide you with a structured list of actionable next steps, ensuring that the insights gathered translate directly into improvements for your project.


Our research services are designed to be accessible to businesses of all sizes, offering cost-effective options that make user interviews available to everyone, not just large corporations.

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