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UX/UI Design Services

Digital Product Design

A thoughtfully designed digital product is more intuitive, enjoyable, and efficient to use - increasing user retention and engagement.

Types of products

What is digital product design?

Digital product design is the integration of UX/UI principles and design thinking methodologies to guide a product from its conceptualisation to its delivery and into the hands of end-users. This all-encompassing term spans a wide spectrum of digital assets, including software, websites, applications, among others.

How digital product design can be utilised

E-commerce Website Design

Like custom website design, this digital product goes beyond the standard default or ‘out-of-the-box’ styling. E-commerce website design is a strategic approach to creating a digital platform that facilitates online buying and selling. The customer journey must be kept top of mind, and kept at the forefront of all design decisions, particularly when addressing elements like product search, checkout, payment and retention processes.

SaaS Platform Design

SaaS (Software as a Service) design is the utilisation of UX/UI for cloud-based software applications. For example, a collaborative project management tool with real-time task updates, interactive Kanban boards, and analytics. SaaS has gained widespread appeal due to its cost-effective implementation and scalability, catering to businesses of all sizes.

Mobile App Design

Mobile app design includes elements of user interface design and accessible design to tailor a digital product for seamless performance on mobile and tablet devices. It differs from web-based applications by optimising for touch interactions, accommodating diverse device sizes and types, and harnessing mobile-specific functionalities.

IoT (Internet of Things) Interface Design

IoT design centres on creating user-friendly digital products for connected devices. For example, software or applications used in smartwatches, or as part of a smart home.

Why us

Turning concepts into products

UI design expertise

We are experts in user interface (UI) design, ensuring your digital product will be visually appealing and user-friendly.

Accessible design

We’re committed to making your product accessible to all users, working closely with you to meet accessibility standards and reach a broader audience.

Quantitative understanding

We can provide insight from quantitative data you may have available, allowing us to analyse user behaviours, identify pain points, and make data-driven decisions.

Qualitative insight

We empathise with your users, and can gain valuable qualitative insights into their needs and preferences through interviews or surveys.

Keep your focus

Partnering with us allows you to focus on your business’s core functions while leveraging our design expertise.

Objective perspective

Our outside perspective can provide fresh insights into your existing discovery work, helping you identify knowledge gaps and areas for improvement.

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