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Heuristic Evaluation

Design solutions are assessed against a set of usability principles for adherence to best practices to identify potential usability issues.

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What is a heuristic evaluation?

A heuristic evaluation is a method used to assess the usability of digital product or interface. It involves having evaluators, who are generally users of the product, inspect it against a set of predefined heuristics or usability principles. These principles are derived from established guidelines or best practices, and help identify areas for improvement. Some of the most notable heuristics have been popularised by Jakob Nielsen and include elements such as “aesthetic and minimalist design”, and “flexibility and efficiency of use”, among others.

Benefits of heuristic evaluation

Early issue detection

Heuristic evaluation is an effective early detection tool, pinpointing potential usability issues before they become fully developed in the product or service. Using a heuristic evaluation as part of the design phase can help mitigate the risk of costly redesigns down the line, but it can be used at multiple stages when developing a product, such as testing a minimum viable product.

Objective assessment

Heuristic evaluation is an objective assessment tool with the ability to gather insight from various user perspectives. More specifically, it provides an opportunity for those that aren’t part of the immediate product team to provide feedback that is specific to their interactions. Furthermore, by inviting users to complete evaluations in their own time, without oversight, you can create an environment conducive to honest, open feedback.


Heuristic evaluation is an exceptionally cost-effective assessment method. Firstly, it is a structured approach that enables you to gain quality insights from only a small sample of users. Secondly, it’s a method that can be scaled up or down with ease, depending on the resources you have available. Finally, the cost to set up a heuristic evaluation is very low; a simple online form, or even a pen and paper, can facilitate this method.

Why us

Implementing heuristic evaluation


Our heuristic evaluations employ research-backed methodologies tailored to your user experience and design goals.

Customised evaluation

We offer tailored heuristic evaluations, whether you need specific functionality evaluated or a comprehensive assessment, we can design a structure to suit.

Responsive turnaround

We’re dedicated to delivering heuristic evaluations and providing actionable feedback that won’t disrupt your production timeline.

Flexible testing

Users can participate in testing in person or remotely, allowing them to provide feedback in a way that suits their comfort and convenience.

Actionable insights

Beyond data collection, we provide you with a structured list of actionable next steps, ensuring that the insights gathered translate directly into improvements for your project.


Our research services are designed to be accessible to businesses of all sizes, offering cost-effective options that make heuristic evaluations available to everyone, not just large corporations.

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