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UX/UI Analysis Services

User Insights and Analysis

Quantitative data collected from analytics tools can provide valuable insights into user behaviour and the effectiveness of the design.

Benefits of analysis

What is included in ‘user insights and analysis’?

User insights and analysis, in the context of user experience (UX) design, refers to the quantitative data derived from analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, or Hotjar. It involves comprehending a product’s performance through a quantitative lens, utilising metrics as an avenue for decision-making. These metrics can be used in isolation, or they can be integrated with qualitative research methods like user interviews, or journey mapping to gain a deeper, more holistic insight into user behaviour and preferences.

Benefits of data analysis

Informed decision making

Quantitative data offers valuable performance insights and can show how users interact with your product or service. Used independently, or in conjunction with other research and analysis methods, the metrics are helpful in guiding early design decisions, shaping functionality, and continuously refining your product over time.

Performance optimisation

Data analysis can provide an understanding about the performance of your website, in relation to the behaviour of your users. Metrics such as bounce rates, time on site, clicks, and downloads can help identify potential bottlenecks that influence how users are interacting with your site. Furthermore, if changes are made to address these potential issues, the metrics can then be compared in the future to see if they have improved or been resolved.

Conversion rate improvement

Data analysis contributes to boosting conversion rates. Reviewing the data can uncover stumbling blocks that hinder users from completing desired actions, such as making a purchase, signing up, or accessing specific information. It gives you the ability to see how users get to your site, their journey with it, where they get stuck, and when they leave.

Why us

Design strategy informed by insights

User audience

We provide insights into your user base, giving you a broad understanding as to the total amount of users that engage with your site in addition to helping you understand your audience’s demographic and preferences.

User acquisition

Our analysis reveals the sources which drive traffic to your site, and the likely journey of these users.

User behaviour

Behaviour metrics provide insight into how users behave on a website. This can include pages they visit, how long they stay on particular pages, and when they are likely to leave.

Site content

We review the highest viewed content and provide insight into where users are spending their time. This is often combined with other metrics to get a holistic understanding of the value of the content for users.

Site search

Site search analysis explores the usage of the internal search functionality and can identify if users are finding the information they need.

Much more

We employ a diverse range of metrics, including mobile performance, speed performance, accessibility performance, heatmapping and screen recordings, providing you with comprehensive insights.

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